Escape game Unknown

Company: No Way Out - escape room Dubai


area Office 1&6 - Indigo Sky building - Umm Al Sheif - Dubai ()

+971 55 876 2465

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A terrible thing happened to one family. One little boy fell down the attic stairs, and he has never woken up since. Doctors believe it is a coma, but they can't identify the cause.
This family had previously noticed paranormal activity in their home. So they have turned to experts to rescue their son, as they are convinced there’s something demonic behind all the events.
As it turns out, the boy is not in a coma at all, his soul has fallen into the Astral - where there is no space for being alive! So he cannot get out on his own. Evil spirits in the house are trying to take over his body. But the most dangerous demon, the old woman, wants the boy in its entirety.
Enter the blood-chilling realm of this dark world. Look for clues or anything else that might help in the search, before the demon appears. Don't waste time, the boy's soul grows weaker with every passing minute!

As a group of paranormal experts who are here to save the soul of a young boy and to fight pure evil.
But beware! The demon not only wants to possess the little boy, but it will also be hunting to take control of you! You’ve got 1 hour to bring yourself and the boy back to the real world, or you will remain in the darkness forever!

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