Escape game Circus

Company: No Way Out - escape room Dubai


area Office 1&6 - Indigo Sky building - Umm Al Sheif - Dubai ()

+971 55 876 2465

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The travelling circus has arrived in your city! Extraordinary actors and magicians, strongmen and hypnotists and acrobats have come to bring joy to the whole city!
But along with the circus comes horror, which threatens the residents and the circus itself. Some visitors mysteriously disappeared from the circus tent, and no one knows what happened to them. The police have suspended the circus until the investigation is over. It is rumored that the chain of events was triggered by a demon in the form of the evil clown.
As a group of daring reporters, you must try to solve the mystery of the disappearances and save the city from terror. Once backstage, you realize that you are trapped by a clown. The bloodstains on the red and white walls of the tent, the dark rooms, the eerie music and the chilling atmosphere make it clear that you have very little time to solve this macabre mystery.

Don't just try to outwit the monster, but meet him face to face, complete numerous challenges, and then become the ones who will end the existence of evil. Clown wants to play with you, and you don't have the right to refuse. Follow its rules if you want to survive. Clown is waiting for you!

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