Escape game Silent Place

Company: No Way Out - escape room Dubai


area Office 1&6 - Indigo Sky building - Umm Al Sheif - Dubai ()

+971 55 876 2465

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A terrible pandemic has brought the world to a zombie apocalypse. Fleeing the zombies for food and shelter, you end up in a secret laboratory where state-level chemical weapons were developed.
But things went wrong, and one of the latest experiments got out of control, ending in a huge toxic explosion that killed all the humans and turned the survivors into the walking dead.
While escaping from the invasion of bloodthirsty zombies, you reach an abandoned secret laboratory. Once there, you hear the voice of the only surviving prisoner, Tom. This man will show you the way and warn you if any zombies come near.
As part of a group of young scientists, you need to sneak into the lab and finish what was started - an antidote. Collect all the vials and take them back to the lab. Tom will help you if you need it!
Zombies are blind, but they can hear, so be quiet! Don't let them touch you, or you're dead.

The door has slammed behind you... Can you survive for an hour in this post-apocalyptic world?
How long will you be able to avoid the attention of the infected, and which is more dangerous - risk a zombie attack or continue to stay here, in the walls of a dystopian laboratory?
Be careful, zombies don't doze off. So be quiet as a mouse!

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