Escape game Orient Express

Company: Game Over


Nakheel Mall, Palm Jumeirah Second floor - Dubai ()

+971 4 577 3289

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There is a murderer on this train… Or more than one! Since yesterday, 2 of the passengers are missing, and just last night we found the dead body of one of them. Mr. Hercule Poirot advised the Conductor in charge and the Police Officer of the train, to gather everybody, including himself in the main restaurant of the train. However, before the door of the restaurant gets locked, you received a message from Mr. Poirot saying: “Don’t come to the restaurant with the others, If I am not wrong the murderer may be here with us but the proof of his guilt isn’t. I left a letter for you, with all the information I know till now and I will delay everybody for an hour, pretending that I am interrogating them, so you find him! Good Luck.”

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