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Company: No Way Out - escape room Dubai

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JLT, Cluster M, HDS Business Center, Shop 05, Dubai, UAE ()

+971 55 876 2465

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Experience the chilling atmosphere of Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s Silence of the Lambs-style prison cell as you struggle to free yourself from the Dr. Lecter-inspired killer who might have laid a trap that could split your head into two or slash your jugular without a chance to shout help!

Remember, the extra-secure unit is not an easy place to find a way out of the narrow and cold rooms. A torn torso or a mangled human finger could be a clue to the next exit. But with god on your side and a well-structured hint system, you could be undertaking a never-to-forget escape room experience! Overview Dr. Hannibal Lecter is serving his years in prison for terrible murders, but it's still not safe outside. Not everyone sees him as a psychopath killer, there are some fascinated by him. It seems like he’s got a copycat. Outsmart the killer or prepare to get slaughtered!

Can you find the clues among dead bodies and solve riddles in absolute horror? You are face-to-face with horror! The clock is ticking.


Restrictions: Please mind that this escape room is not suitable for visitors with epilepsy or life support devices including cardiac stimulators, monitoring systems and hearing aids.

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