Escape game The Lost Pharoah[Closed]

Company: Brainscape Games


Burj Khalifa District - 203, Building 12 - Dubai ()


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You will find yourself in an old abandoned tent with sparse remains of a dead explorer’s belongings and many surprises beyond your imagination. You and your group, while exploring the pyramids in Egypt, enter a deserted tent. As soon as you enter, you realize you are trapped!

Having spent his life finding the name of the Pharaoh whose tomb he had discovered, the explorer won’t let his life’s work go waste. Before dying, he cursed whoever enters his abode will not leave till they work out the name of the Pharaoh, paying tribute to his lifelong sacrifice. The only way to escape from this curse is to find the name of the pharaoh as soon as you can or else be prepared to be perished there forever!

Built with passion and time, this room will transport you to an era of ancient Egypt with many fun and unique features representing the life then.

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