Escape game Hijack[Closed]

Company: Brainscape Games


Burj Khalifa District - 203, Building 12 - Dubai ()


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This escape room has an Airport Lounge setting. Your task is simple! Prevent a plane hijack before it is too late! You have been called in as an anti-terrorist squad for your expertise in the field. Classified Intelligence report has it that a flight about to be taken off has been planned to be hijacked. Your task is to prevent the hijack by identifying the flight, the weapons planned for the attack and the gate number of the ill-fated flight.

The attackers have cleverly left a series of unsuspecting clues in the Airport Lounge for their comrades. Will you be able to unfold the wicked plan before the comrades reach? You will be challenged with not only inventive puzzles employing your logic in this escape room but also your problem-solving skills! Will you and your team be able to think and act fast to take up this escape challenge?

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