Escape game Da Vinci[Closed]

Company: Brainscape Games


Burj Khalifa District - 203, Building 12 - Dubai ()


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The Da Vinci Room – Quite contrary to Classic Lounge Room – this escape room setting here is a beautiful old study with vintage typewriters to vintage artworks and much more than your eyes can see! Taking on the role of the thief, you are entrusted by the priests of the Holy Church to secretly sneak out the ‘Holy Grail’ from Professor John Albright. The Holy Grail, for which no stone has been left unturned by numerous seekers has seen many lives taken.

The faith commended in you by the Holy Church must not be broken… cause if you fail to escape, it’s not only the faith which will be lost but also your life! Primarily focusing on code-breaking, symbolism and association problems “The Da Vinci Room” will offer an interesting escape challenge for new and returning escape room players alike.

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